Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Full Calendar Printing Issues

The Full Calendar has a thread with issues regarding printing the calendar.

A Squashed Saturday Column

I was required to have a fluid layout where the width of the calendar region is 50% of the page, but there is a problem, the Saturday column appears squashed.

I have found 2 ways to fix this issue:

1. Give the width a static width rather than fluid, but in my case this doesn't meet the requirement.

2. Use a tiny bit of jQuery to set the width from fluid to static. You can run this on load, before printing, on page resize etc. For me I just needed to run this on page load.

Region Template
Give the Calendar a Region a Static ID so we can select the region supporting the calendar (not the calendar).

Page Onload

It simply gets the pixel value of the region and sets it overwriting fluid.

And your print will now look like the following:

I have no doubt there a lots of way to achieve this but I found this the easiest.

All we need now is Full Calendar PDF Printing :)


  1. Your solution pointed me in the right direction, but didn't work as expected when the page was resized (or switched from portrait to landscape). Here's my update:

    $(window).resize(function () {
    $("#REGION").css("width", "100%");

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  3. Been looking for this one. I asked several threads about this bug already, but there’s no concrete solution yet. I’m glad I found the solution to print my calendar schedule. Hope it will work on my printer tonight.

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